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FREE vector Art for you

IconFinder   Freepik Vector Portal   Vexels   Flaticon   Subtle Patterns   Vector Me   1001 Free Downloads   Vecteezy   123FreeVectors   VectorStock   If you have any recommendations please do mention...


Could not connect to device

I have been experiencing this problem last few weeks and had tough time finding the solution but finally found one. So i am sharing my experience with you all so that you don’t have...

Lightroom 0

Lightroom Keystrokes to save you time

Keystrokes to save you time while editing Q – Spot Tool W – White Balance E – Library Loupe View R – Crop Tool T – Tool Bar Y – Before and After U...


Useful tools to run an online business

Here’s a list of my recommended resources to help you run your photography business more productively and hopefully more profitably. Head over to actual website


Why BPG will replace GIFs and not only.

BPG (Better Portable Graphics) is a new image format with the purpose to replace JPEG image format when quality or file size is an issue. By Fabrice Bellard This means that BPG not only...


Mailbox is saying goodbye

Mailbox will shut down on February 26, 2016. Beginning that day you will no longer be able to login, and Mailbox service will stop. Mailbox ignited a shift in mobile email and many of its...


The little blue button

As you might all may be familiar with the little blue button named “Reader” in Safari Browser but many of you might not know how helpful it might be while reading the website content...