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CashOnAd v3.0 is OUT

There are lots of enhancements and new features added to this version. COA is now not just limited to Ad display in screen lock and video ringtone but has taken those concepts to the next level.


Five Apps That Follow The Olympics

  NBC Sports Live Extra Live stream your favorite events and watch full replays and highlights after the fact. Search by zip code to see a complete schedule for the entire games and what...

paper by facebook 0

Paper by Facebook

Paper, Facebook’s new iPhone is a confident product from a company that’s been slow to master the nuances of creating a fine mobile app. Out today, it’s probably the best Facebook has ever looked....


Facebook is killing the content

For those of us with Photography pages to promote, this means that now you will have to pay each time you want your posts to reach an acceptable amount of your followers. Youtuber Veritasium created an...


UI Tweaks With The Release Of iOS 7.1 [Beta 3]

Apple is continuing to tweak the interface to its iOS 7 mobile operating system, it seems, as today’s release of the iOS 7.1 beta 3 build indicates. In this latest update, the company has...


iPhone 5S Camera Review

Austin Mann considers himself a technician that understands how to capture the splendor in the Creation around him. He has traveled to over 40 different countries in the last 3 years and has worked...

Apple will require all new app submissions to be ‘optimized for iOS 7’ as of Feb 1 0

Apple will require all new app submissions to be ‘optimized for iOS 7’ as of Feb 1

Apple on Tuesday posted an announcement on its iOS Developer page stating that as of February 1, all new app submissions, and even app updates, must be built with the latest version of Xcode 5....


This Tumblr Calls Out iOS 7 Design Flaws

Apple’s latest operating system may already be running on nearly three quarters of Apple-supported mobile devices, but that doesn’t mean it’s flawless. UX Critique, an anonymous Tumblr account, which was recently featured on the popular Apple...